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Easiest Tattoo Colors to Remove.

Easiest Tattoo Colors To Remove

Ink colors have a huge impact on cost and number of treatments.  Some tattoo colors are much easier to remove, and will absorb the laser beam more effectively than others.

Some pigments require different lasers altogether.

What’s the bottom line?


The easiest tattoo colors to remove are black, brown grey and red.

The tattoo colors hardest to remove are green, blue and yellow.

An all black tattoo will respond much better than a colored one.  Especially if it’s mostly shading (black & gray).

I think it goes without saying that every tattoo is unique.  If your ink is colorful, and you’re considering laser removal, i’m sure the last thing on your mind when you got it was how difficult the bright colors will be to remove.

All ink colors have selected light absorption spectra.  For the treatment of a specific color to be effective, lasers must have the proper wavelength to emit adequate energy within the given absorption spectrum of the pigment.

In other words, the color must absorb the laser beam, or else the treatment will be useless.

The laser being used must have the proper wavelength needed to treat and remove the color.

Green, purple, yellow and blue have always been the most difficult colors to FULLY remove.  Especially if they’re light toned.

White ink is very difficult to remove.

White ink can start turning dark as the treatments progress, so should be treated with care, and in some cases, avoided altogether.

Understanding the easiest & hardest tattoo colors to remove is crucial.  It’s also important to remember that the amount of ink saturation in the tattoo can affect the outcome even more.

Tribal is usually all black, but they’re really high in ink density, so they can take even longer than a colorful piece, in some cases.

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