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Old vs New Tattoos for Laser Removal.

Old vs new tattoos for removal

The difference between older & newer tattoos is big, and plays an extremely important role in determining the quickness of fading.

An old tattoo is easier to remove than a new one, and here’s why:

The laser beam fragments the ink into tiny particles for your white blood cells to engulf and dispose through your body’s lymphatic channels.

The ink particles in an older tattoo are much smaller and easier to break down.  Especially if it’s over ten years old.  The older the better, and faster it will react to treatment.

The ink particles in a newer fresh tattoo are bigger, thus making it a bit more difficult for the laser to fragment, and for your body to absorb and carry away.

Tattoos less than a year old usually require a couple more treatments, while tattoos older than ten years will fade noticeably quicker.  Tattoos older than 20 years, even quicker.

The removal works by speeding up, or mimicking the fading that time creates. So naturally, older tattoo ink will respond much better, and quicker to treatment.

Refer to the pic below for an example of why it’s easier to remove an old rather than new tattoo. The image on the left is a vibrant, freshly healed piece. The image on the right is the same one, thirteen years later. The lines are much less crisp on the right due to the fading of the ink over time:

Freshly healed vs aged ink
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