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Welcome to Ink Revoke, Boulder Colorado’s laser tattoo removal experts.  We use the world’s most advanced laser technology to safely and effectively remove your tattoo, with faster fading and flawless results.

Ink Revoke Tattoo Removal
Safe & Affordable Tattoo Removal

We are located inside Manhattan Plaza Offices, with FREE abundant parking.

Our clinic specializes EXCLUSIVELY in tattoo removal & fading for new cover-ups.  We’re medically directed & certified as Laser Tattoo Removal Specialists (L.T.R.S.) & Laser Safety Officers (L.S.O.).

Discover below the 5 reasons why Ink Revoke is your BEST CHOICE for safe & effective results.

1. Affordable Prices

Ink Revoke is breaking the trend in tattoo removal, by making it affordable for everyone.  Rather than charging per square inch, we use a simple size categories chart to determine your pricing.  Plus, we offer package deals providing you up to 2 treatments FREE.

2. Amazing Technology

Our new-generation Quanta Laser is the safest, most powerful device in 2024.  The beam passes harmlessly through your skin, fragmenting the ink.  Your body then carries the ink away safely between treatments.

3. Less Pain

We use the Zimmer Cryo 6 skin chiller to numb your skin, providing you with the most comfortable experience possible.  Treatments last an average of five minutes.  Most patients describe it as “easy” and “much less painful than I thought”.

4. Certified & Experienced
Our clinic is medically directed, licensed & insured.  Our laser expert has 3 certifications, years of experience, and knows exactly what laser settings are optimal for superior results and skin protection.
5. Simple Process
Discover how simple your tattoo removal process will be.  You’ll never be pressured into anything.  Our trained professionals will guide you through the process from consultation, to treatment, to aftercare.
After only one treatment and following the guide to better healing on their website. It has faded a ton! Can’t believe my results!
Jessica Bean

The tech here really knew his stuff, and they checked up on me the next day. I highly recommend this place.
Kimberly Everson

My experience here was pleasant. The laser specialist answered all my questions in detail and his assitant was very sweet.
Christine Middleton

Thank you Eyad! Great great experience will definitely be back! Clean , friendly, and well worth it.

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How Laser Tattoo Removal Works

 There are many misconceptions regarding exactly how tattoo removal works.  Here at Ink Revoke, we want you to fully understand how the ink removed, and why it’s so important to choose a clinic that fully understands the science behind it.

If you’re seriously considering treatment for full removal, or fading to help facilitate a new cover-up, we encourage you to read this.

To fully understand how tattoos are removed, you should first know what makes a tattoo permanent to begin with.

As soon as you leave your favorite tattoo shop with your new ink, your body recognizes the ink as foreign particles.  Because of this, your immune system suddenly tries to remove the foreign ink particles by sending white blood cells to engulf them.

Since the ink particles are too large to engulf by the macrophages (white blood cells) your tattoo remains under your skin forever.

Over the years, the ink particles slowly get smaller, allowing your ink to fade slightly.  But it will never fully remove.

Tattoos are removed by speeding up the natural fading of ink that time would create.

The two most common misconceptions are that the laser burns or cuts the ink out of the skin.  This is false.

First, Ink Revoke uses the newest-generation FDA-Cleared laser – Quanta Studio, to shatter & fragment your ink into tiny particles.

The laser beam passes harmlessly through the top layers of your skin, heating up and destroying the ink underneath it.  Suddenly, your ink particles are small enough to be engulfed.

Secondly, your body’s immune system responds by sending white blood cells to the fragmented ink particles.  The shattered tattoo ink is then successfully engulfed by your white blood cells.

The next part of the process involves the ink traveling safely through your body’s lymphatic channels.

Finally, your liver receives the ink, and slowly removes it between treatments through natural bodily excretion.