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Whether you want your tattoo removed completely, a selective part of it removed, or are interested in fading your ink to facilitate a new cover-up, we’ll deliver stunning results for you. Ink Revoke is the laser tattoo removal leader, locally owned and owner operated.

About Our Practice

Ink Revoke uses the absolute BEST tattoo laser technology and skin chiller money can buy in 2024.  Many other practices are still adapting out-dated techniques, and using out-dated lasers.

Laser tattoo removal is the only treatment we perform.  We don’t offer laser hair removal, vein treatment, botox or countless other aesthetic procedures.  We are the laser tattoo removal experts!

Here at Ink Revoke, our top priority is to provide safe and effective treatments for you, in a clean, discreet and comfortable environment.  Our laser expert and medical director will deliver on this promise for you, every time.

Dr. Paul Branch, our medical director, is a highly respected Colorado Physician.  Our Certified Laser Specialist, Eyad Layla has years of experience removing tattoos, and is both the owner and operator of Ink Revoke.

Eyad Layla – Founder, L.T.R.S., L.S.O.

Eyad is both a Certified Laser Tattoo Removal Specialist, and Laser Safety Officer.

His certifications are through the highly accredited A Laser Academy with private training from the industry’s leading laser instructor Victor Beyer.

Eyad is also certified directly through Quanta Aesthetic Lasers.

In addition to years of experience and thousands of treatments to date, Eyad has been trained extensively with laser safety and laser physics.

He’s treated his own ink, so he personally knows what to expect with the whole process of removing tattoos.

Dr. Paul Branch, MD – Medical Director

Dr. Paul Branch has been successfully treating patients with a wide variety of physical and mental illnesses since he first opened his private practice in 1999.

He graduated from the University of Nebraska Medical College in 1996 and attended a family medicine residency at Lehigh Valley Hospital in Allentown, PA.

His multi-dimensional, integrative treatment model draws from traditional medicine, functional medicine, and bio-energetic medicine, which includes Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic medicine (a traditional medicine of India) and homeopathy.

Dr. Branch’s practice blends profound ancient wisdom with modern technology.  According to Dr. Branch, “No contradiction exists between western medicine and Chinese medicine.  They are simply two different viewpoints on the same thing.”   Correcting underlying energy imbalances is the goal of Dr. Branch’s treatment.  When used well, holistic treatment is powerful and has a minimal chance of causing harm.  “It is what our medical system is missing,”