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Laser tattoo removal is a quick and simple procedure, as you can see in the videos below.  In fact, with our new-generation laser technology, tattoos the size of a credit card take just a couple of minutes to complete.

Large Arm Tattoo

This video shows the treatment of a large arm tattoo using our Quanta 1064nm laser.  The Quanta’s square spot Optibeam technology is excellent for treating all skin types & tattoo sizes, because it minimizes overlap to protect your skin.

Red Ink Tattoo

In this video, we’re treating the red ink in an arm tattoo using our Quanta 532nm laser, which is the most powerful 532 on the market.  Red, orange and brown inks absorb green light.  Notice the bright green light emitting from the beam.

Small Chest Tattoo

This video shows the treatment of a small black chest tattoo, using the Quanta 1064nm laser.  Notice how quick and simple smaller tattoos are to treat.