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[Patient Testimonial] Ink Revoke vs Non Specialist Clinic.

Tattoo Removal Boulder Testimonial

The following is an honest, in depth testimonial from one of our clients.  Cody describes what sets Ink Revoke apart from another tattoo removal service provider who doesn’t specialize or focus their entire practice on laser tattoo removal.

After a handful of visits I can now say this place is truly fantastic; please consider it for your tattoo removal needs! Before I started going to Ink Revoke I had done around 8 sessions in another place in Louisiana. The place in Louisiana is a body alterations clinic that offers tattoo removal as a side service from its main menu of offerings while Ink Revoke is a highly specialized service for tattoo removal.

Between that first place and Ink Revoke, I’ve experienced a striking difference in the quality of equipment, techniques, expertise, price point, and efficacy of treatment. I’ve only experienced the two places for tattoo removal but let me tell you, Ink Revoke has been better in *every* way such that I comment about my positive every time I visit for treatment and every time I talk about my tattoo removal with friends, coworkers, etc. I think experiencing the two different places has given me an understanding of great service versus subpar service in tattoo removal. With all that context being said, here’s a break down of my experience with Ink Revoke..

Expertise and professionalism: Eyad Layla is both the business owner and laser technician at Ink Revoke. The whole operation and service seems to be run by this one guy. He’s always kind, considerate, and professional in demeanor when I visit. He also really knows his stuff; I’m the kind of person who always has a lot of questions and intellectual curiosity, and I’ve found Eyad to have knowledgable and comprehendible answers when he enthusiastically receives my never-ending flow of questions about the laser device, techniques, training, aftercare, and so on. He’s been able to walk me through all sorts of hyper-specifics in what he does, how he does it, and how all of that interacts with the ink and the body. I’m happy to be able to say that my experience with Eyad has been consistently impressive and positive in all respects. This may sound dramatic but Eyad makes the other technician I visited in Louisiana seem like an amateur in comparison.

Equipment: Ink Revoke uses a laser device thats among the best tech you can find for this service. It was designed specifically for use in tattoo removal and includes a nifty cold-air hose for cooling the skin when using the laser, which really makes a difference! In contrast, the place in Louisiana had an old-looking laser device that’s also used in things like hair removal, and it had no cooling hose.

Technique and efficacy: Eyad leverages his thorough understanding of his craft to make sure my skin is being tended to carefully while also ensuring each visit/session is as effective as possible. He’s displayed a skillful approach to calibrating the laser device and cooling hose in response to a large amount of variables such a persons skin type, the type of ink being targeted, and how faded the tattoo is thus far. This is a very important point in my praise of Ink Revoke. To illustrate that point consider this—I’ve gotten quicker and more effective results (i.e. more tattoo fading) in 4 visits with Ink Revoke than in the 8 with the clinic in Louisiana, AND every visit with Ink Revoke has hardly irritated or damaged my surface skin. In contrast, nearly EVERY visit with the Louisiana clinic would leave my skin blistered and needing to heal for the next 5 days. In Louisiana I really stopped seeing progress in fading after the 4th or 5th visit there, which shows a lack of knowledge and technique to create maximum efficacy of treatment.

Price point: So to be blunt, I’m paying maybe 15% less per session at Ink Revoke for an astronomically better service. And Eyad offers various packages that decrease the price per session when you buy a bundle.

Summary: I really didn’t know how subpar the service was at that clinic in Louisiana until I experienced Ink Revoke. I was bit shocked to have found a service thats soooo much better and for less dollars. Please save yourself from the same kind of mistakes I made and do a consultation with Ink Revoke. I’m confident you’ll be as impressed as I am after a session or two.